Automotive Parts

At Hyundai MOBIS, we have developed and manufactured not only the three core modules, but also other auto parts designed in consideration of the safety and convenience of our customers as well as the future.

  • Safety system
    Safety system
    • The airbag is the representative safety device that confines passengers with seat belts when collisions occur, preventing secondary collision with the interior material or ejection from the vehicle as well as absorbing the impact of collision.
    • Airbags of various purposes and functions in accordance with different types of collisions, passenger sizes and their positions in the vehicle contrib ute to the passenger's safety.
  • Braking system
    Braking system
    • It is a device for vehicle deceleration, stopping and parking.
    • Along with general CBS and ABS, TCS, ESC, Brake by Wire, EMB, and a regenerative braking system are also under research and development.
  • Steering system
    Steering system
    • This is a device to change the direction of the vehicle as the driver wishes.
    • MDPS (Motor Driven Power Steering), a electronic steering system, provides optimal steering performance by highly accurately controlling the motor according to the vehicle condition without using the conventional mechanical hydraulic system, which improves the driving convenience and safety.
  • Lamp system
    • AFLS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) is an intelligent headlamp that provides the best visibility of changing road conditions. Besides, LED headlamps, utilizing the new luminous source of LEDs, expands the AFLS function to secure night visibility and improves the safety by increasing the reaction speed.
  • Air suspension system
    • It can minimize the air resistance and secure handling by lowering the height of the vehicle during high-speed driving, and improve drivability on roughroads by lifting the height of the vehicle.
    • In addition, it facilitates loading and unloading passengers or cargo by adjusting the height of vehicle. Irrespective of freight, the vehicle can maintain normal height to realize ideal driving.
  • New materials
    • · We have focused on developing new material and technology through industry-academic joint research and studies on metallic materials, polymeric materials, and functional materials in order to improve automotive parts and modules, reduce weights and develop eco-friendly parts. Additionally, we strive to secure parts reliability by analyzing the cause of failing products occurring in the field and fostering material quality.