All Work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Boy Mar. 17, 2017

Mecha SW-1 Team Outing - Palm Exotica

It was time for a break from perpetual work and have some fun. MechaSW-1 team decided to let the hair down; after much discussion it was decided to go for Palm Exotica resorts.


For the starters, the team started chasing each other to the destination ‘The Palm Exotica Resort’ in 3 Vehicles from different routes. As soon as everyone arrived, Sunday morning drag was replaced with adrenaline of Outdoor activities.

Rocket Ejector: Initiated by the brave women, team members got pumped up to their heads by the force of Elastic Bands.


Anusha searching for heavens

GyroRide: Folks wanted more degrees of freedom (Dil Maange More...) so GyroRide was chosen. It went rotating & turning in all directions, as the members discussed principles of gyro sensors (typical geeks). Some squeaked while some sang as the earth seemed go around them.

Happy viewing 360°

Archery& Shooting: Finally the minds got settled and it was time to focus with archery and shooting


Bach k kahaan jayega

Obstacle Course: Bonding was forged further with the obstacle course


Crossing together

Go-Karting: Actual fierceness came out post lunch; go-karting brought the real speed out...


haste-haste kat jaaye raste

Paint-Ball: After One on One competition folks  played each other with Colors in Paint-ball. As the Sun started tone down, it was time to take a cold dip in the swimming pool. Playing with the ball go around the pool was an unexpected thrill.


All for One


Finally, it was time to return to nests, rest and come to work next day re-energized.