Table Tennis Tournament 2017 Jun. 15, 2017

Table Tennis Tournament 2017 

Sunny mornings, lazy afternoons, balmy evenings... summer brings lots of little joys, so we decided to add a dollop of delight…with a very fun and enjoyable game - Table tennis!

Table tennis, game played, usually indoors, by two or four players; it is more or less a miniature form of lawn tennis. It is also called Ping-Pong, after the trade name that a manufacturer adopted (c.1900) for the equipment. To make this summer very special in MTCI, we planned for a Table tennis tournament inside our MTCI premises.

Events always close on team work, creativity, fun & enjoy. Every team has been encouraged to nominating themselves. There was total twelve team nominated. The guidelines, rules, & playing pattern of the game was instructed to all the captains well in advance before the tournament.

The tournament starts with ½ hr each evening continuing two weeks, & got into the final on June 06, 2017 from 4pm to 6 :30 pm.

“A man is nothing without a woman” said…bought truth here.

The TT team was consist of 5 members with a female mandatory & female played a vital role to make her team champion.


This time event was quite different from all the time  as it’s moderately driven by HOD's [Head of the Department] being a chairman of TT club.

To make the team win, participants practiced during lunch breaks, post office hours & surprisingly on weekends too!


Finally, the day came for the final & semi finals and everyone’s eye were on the champions. Finally two teams won the semi finals & moved to finals. After a hard play, team CAE won the championship of Table tennis tournament 2017.

At last, prize has been presented by the chairman to winners & runners.